Planet Tuna rises from the depths to share knowledge about tunas and other large pelagic fish. We’re a team of scientists, illustrators, and writers based in Mallorca. Our aim is to provide you with the latest research about these species and highlight the wealth and diversity of the Mediterranean sea.

Patricia Reglero

I’m a scientist at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography in the Balearic Islands. I’m fortunate enough to coordinate the team behind Planet Tuna, an outreach project aimed at conveying the knowledge available so far about large migratory marine species with a straightforward, creative approach that we hope you will enjoy.

Maria López Sastre

I graduated in philosophy from the Universitat de les Illes Balears. I have been working as a journalist since 1997. I have spent most of my career at the Diario de Mallorca, currently as the web manager for the newspaper’s digital edition. Planet Tuna is my first dive into science outreach.

Ana Morillas

I’ve been a marine biologist at the IEO’s Balearic Oceanographic Center for thirty years. Ten years ago, I traded in my microscope for outreach and now devote all my energy to helping people learn about oceanography and the work we do at our center. In addition, I now enjoy working on Oceánicas and Planet Tuna.

Flavia Gargiulo

Illustration and graphic design are my tools for understanding the world and exploring different ways of communicating. Planet Tuna posed a new challenge for me: science outreach. Working with a team of top-notch professionals, I hope to bring the marine world to the largest possible audience.

Hannah Bonner

When Patricia asked me to join the Planet Tuna team, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I’m a natural science illustrator and writer. I love the challenge of conveying the scientific findings of researchers like Patricia and her team to a broader audience in a way that’s scientifically accurate but also enjoyable and easy to understand.

Anna Aguiló

I am a cultural manager. I am interested in the intersections between culture, science and citizenship, and I participate in various projects that promote cultural mediation in scientific contexts. Here I am in charge of the dissemination and visibility of the materials that my colleagues generate, sometimes I also write content.

Other Members of the Shoal

We had help from others as well; Cassia Herman gave us copywriting advice, Lluís Fernandez is the helm of YouTuna, and Fran Bravo is our tuna and squid animator. Verbigrafia  developed the website. Àngels Àlvarez and Deborah Bonner translated the website into Catalan and English.