Planet Tuna seeks to deepen human understanding of the tuna family, and to open minds to the interwoven ocean systems that tuna are part of. All life on earth arises from and depends on the sea. All life on earth arises from and depends on the sea. Our oceans in turn need our love and protection. So, let us come to know them–starting with our search for the secrets of tuna.

 Behind Planet Tuna is a team of oceanographic scientists, illustrators and journalists based on the island of Mallorca. Travelers from every continent enjoy exploring the beautiful main islands of the Balearic archipelago––Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. But few may be aware of the central ecological importance of this region’s surrounding seas. Did you know these waters are among a handful of places worldwide where the great Atlantic Bluefin tuna travels to reach its chosen breeding ground? Discoveries by tuna scientists across the oceans enrich our center’s research.

Mysteries abound. Why are Atlantic Bluefin tuna drawn to islands and how do they locate them? Why do they long for the currents that form when less dense Atlantic waters meet the much saltier Mediterranean? We want to find out, and will tell you when we do. Some answers may surface from our exploration of Bullet tuna and Albacore, who live in the Mediterranean all year round. Then, there are the Skipjack and little Tunny, who come from the tropics and also voyage the long distance to the Mediterranean. Our waters seem to welcome them all.

The relationship of tuna to human beings dates back thousands of years. Its far-reaching impact on economic trade is almost beyond calculation. Discover in our pages how people fished these tremendous, speeding sea animals in ancient times. Learn about tuna as food that still nourishes so many people today––fresh from the sea or in cans on a shelf. And ask with us––how can we sustain the existence of a species that has such high market value?

Interested in how scientists do their work? We’ll give you a glimpse of a day aboard a research vessel. Read discussions on how a future marked by climate change might impact the lives of these great migratory fish. The seas would be changed forever if they disappeared.

So, let’s keep them going. We hope that Planet Tuna sparks your interest and imagination. Join us in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, and uncover a treasure of tales and truth from the sea.